AKINCI, Striker

AKINCI Turkish serie in English

AKINCI the new Turkish series is broadcasted on the ATV channel on Fridays. It’s about action and superheroes, and of course, about love.
The series will only be launched on January 1, 2021, so it is not yet known how many episodes it will have.

Full episodes in english of AKINCI 

The series has just started its broadcast, so it is not yet known how many chapters it will have.

What does AKINCI mean?

The term akıncı (in Turkish: assailant) designates the irregular light cavalry, which formed the scouts and outposts of the Ottoman army. They used guerrilla tactics and caused confusion and shock to the enemy (similar to Russian Cossacks).
They were created by the Ghazis, frontier people who joined the religious war against the Christians and later joined the permanent Ottoman army. They used to deploy in the front line and be the first to confront the enemy. They had a reputation of being brave and fierce. They did not have a definite pay, but subsisted on plundering and spoils.

The forces akıncı were led by a reduced group of families or clans.
The akıncıs wore colorful and visual clothing to impress and confuse their adversaries. They used to carry eagle wings on their backs, helmets with bull horns and leopard skin coats. Recently, a Turkish unmanned combat plane that started flying in 2019 has been named AKINCI.

PLOT – Synopsis of AKINCI

The series tells of the adventures of Fatih, a brave and daring young man who will begin to act individually to bring about justice with his motto: “No crime will go unpunished”.

At night, he will transform his appearance and how the ancient warriors will go out to put order and protect their city, risking his life face to face with the evil ones.

Our 30-year-old hero will one day meet a young woman who will make him review everything he has thought about life and love so far.

Actors of the Turkish serie AKINCI

Şükrü Özyıldız: born in Izmir in 1988. Before becoming an actor he was a cage fighter for money. He studied economics at the University of Ege. He took acting classes and has starred in several successful novels such as Question of Honor and Kis Gunesi.

Ayça Erturan: he was born on August 1st, 1983. She graduated in Radio and Television from the University of Marmara. She is married to Soncan Kirca.

Cast and Characters

Şükrü Özyıldız as Fatih
Büşra Develi as Filiz
Yıldıray Şahinler
Tolga Tekin
Atakan Hoşgören
Erkan Bektaş
Sermet Yeşil
Didem İnselel
Müge Boz

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