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ALDATMAK Turkish Serie in English

ALDATMAK Complete Episodes in English

This Turkish series is in its first season. Follow the link below to watch it online subtitled in English for free.


Guzide Yenersoy is a distinguished and respected family court judge. She is an honest and principled woman who has saved many marriages from destruction, she has ensured that many children receive the care and love they deserve, and she has always stood on the side of justice.

She thinks that they are an exemplary family with her husband and their two children, that they live an honorable life and that the rest of their marriage will be spent in love, happiness and peace as always. One day, Güzide accidentally pulls on a rope and begins to realize that her happy family is not a warm home, but a sandcastle.

Cast and Characters

Vahide Perçin as Guzide

Mustafa Uğurlu as Tarık

Yusuf Cim as Ozan

Feyza Sevil Gungor as Olyum

Ercan Kesal as Sezai

Cem Bender as Oltan

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