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Alp Arslan Turkish serie in English

Alp arslan It is a Turkish serie of the official channel TRT 1. It will be another vintage blockbuster

and the successful actor Baris Arduc (I rent you my love, Kuzgun) will be its protagonist in the role of the hero. You will be accompanied by the beautiful Fahriye Evcen (Calikusu).
This novel is the continuation of Uyanis Bulyuk, Dawn of the Seljuk Empire and is expected to continue the success of this.

«ALP ARSLAN” it’s a honorary title in Turkish it means «Heroic Lion«. His real name was Muhammad bin Dawud Chaghri, he was the second Sultan of the Seljuk Empire and great-grandson of Seljuk, the founder of the dynasty. He was noted for his determination, courage, faith, and his war tactics and strategies.

Alp Arslan episodes in English

It is expected to have 2 seasons and around 39 episodes, but that will depend on the public’s response.

Plot – Synopsis of Alp Arslan

ALP Arslan chapters in English

The serie will relate the adventures, feats and loves of Sultan Alp Arslan who by defeating the Byzantine Army in Malazgirt in eastern Turkey, allowed Anatolia to be added to the Turkish territories in 1071.
The story goes that the Seljuk Army of 50,000 men met the Byzantine Army of 200,000 on August 26, 1071 and the hero developed an intelligent strategy that deceived the Byzantines and gave him victory.

Alp Arslan after saying his prayers and dressed in white said to his men before the historic battle: «If I die, let this dress be my shroud; if we win, the result we want will come true. If we are defeated, we will go to heaven as martyrs. Today, there is no sultan who orders and no soldier who takes orders. I will fight you as one of you. Those who want to come with me can follow me, those who don’t can return freely«.


Both Baris and Fahriye have had to undergo several months of training for their roles on the series. First it was horseback riding and then training in archery with arrows, and choreography for the fight scenes. They showed photos of their workouts on their Instagram accounts.

Cast and Characters

Baris Arduc as Alp Arslan
Fahriye Evcen
Mehmet Özgür as Nizamülmülk
Mim Kemal Öke as Akbilge
Barış Bağcı
Korel algerian
Esila Umut
Zeynep Özder
Begim Şehver

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