ASK MANTIK INTIKAM, Revenge of Love Logic

 ASK MANTIK INTICAM, Revenge of Logic Turkish serie. Full episodes in English. Synopsis, Trailer, Cast, Curiosities and more >>


Aşk Mantık İntikam Turkish serie in English

Ask-Mantik-Intikam Turkish novel

Aşk Mantık İntikam is a Turkish serie that translates Revenge of Love logic or logical revenge of love. It is of the romantic comedy genre, it broadcasts on Fox channel and is an adaptation of the South Korean drama My Cunning Single Lady.
The protagonists of the serie are Burcu Özberk (Afili Ask – Love Trap) and İlhan Şen.

Full Episodes in English of ASK MANTIK INTIKAM

The serie is in its First season and it has not been defined how many chapters will have. Follow the link below to watch it online with English subtitles.


Plot – Synopsis of Ask Mantik Intikam

The plot of the series tells the Esra and Ozan’s partner story.
Esra believed that by marrying she could gain the security and confidence that she had lacked as a child. His father had been a businessman full of debt and mortgages. So he does not want to repeat that life of instability.

Esra meets Ozan who has a secure job and think that’s the best future, while Ozan sincerely falls in love with her.

They get married and soon after, Ozan decides to fulfill his dreams, follow his vocation and for that, he resigns from his job. But unfortunately Ozan does not find partners and investors who trust his ideas and everything collapses.


The bills are adding up and Esra will have to face the situation only with her work. The girl despairs when she sees that she repeats the story of her mother and that she has not achieved what she was looking for with this marriage out of interest. He asks for a divorce and breaks Ozan’s heart.

Several years later, one day, unexpectedly, Esra learns that Ozan is a very successful businessman, has realized his dreams and has become famous. But Ozan has also changed, He is more handsome, richer, now he is cold, arrogant and has a great resentment towards Esra.

Esra has made no progress in those years and will start working at Ozan’s company.


Cast and Characters

Burcu Ozberk as Esra Erten
Ilhan Sen as Ozan Korfali
Burak Yoruk as Cinar Yilmaz
Melisa Döngel as Caglar Yilmaz
Gunay Karacaoglu
Zeynep Kankonde

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