ASKIN TARIFI, Recipe of Love

ASKIN TARIFI, Recipe of Love, Turkish serie. Full episodes in English. Synopsis, Trailer, Cast, Curiosities and more >>

Aşkın Tarifi, Recipe of Love Turkish serie in English

askin-tarifi Turkish novel

The Turkish serie Askin Tarifi or Love Recipe belongs to the romantic comedy genre, the production company is NTC Medya and is broadcast by Kanal D on Mondays.
The protagonist is Kadir Dogulu whom we can see in the Vuslat mystery series.

Full Episodes in English of ASKIN TARIFI

Askin Tarifi is in your First season and it is not yet known if it will be just a summer comedy or if it will be extended further episodes. Follow the link below to watch it online with English subtitles.

Plot – Synopsis of Askin Tarifi – Love Recipe

Firat is a chef from a humble kebab restaurant owned by his aunt in Gaziantep. However Firat learned French cuisine when he was studying in Istanbul. He is a passionate, honest and fighter young man.

Fırat’s life collapses because of the Doctor of Love appearing on a television show. To get revenge Firat looks for a job in a French restaurant for the girlfriend of the Doctor of Love.

You will meet Naz, the owner of the restaurant. She comes from a wealthy family but Naz has set out to be independent and progress on her own.

They will have to work together. But Firat and Naz are completely opposite, day and night, fire and ice. Yet both seek the Recipe of Love.

Recipe of love chapters in Spanish

Curiosities of the serie

Actor Kadir Doğulu commented that they spend many hours filming in the kitchen and he can’t help but be hungry and eat everything he finds there.
Serra Arıtürk, is known as a singer and for her YouTube music channel.

Cast – Characters

Askin Tarifi cast

Kadir Dogulu as Firat Karasu
Serra Aritürk as Naz Soyluer
Alper Saldiran as Taylan Günebakan
Cem Davran as Hazim Soyluer
Selim Akgül

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