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BIR ZAMANLAR KIBRIS, Turkish serie in English

Once Upon a Time in Cyprus is a Turkish television series of the historical genre and based on real events. It narrates a period of 11 years from 1963 to 1974 where the Turkish inhabitants of the island of Cyprus were attacked and persecuted by pro-Greek activists. Especially the days of the so-called Bloody Christmas. The series, which was written by Emre Özdür with Başar Başaran and directed by Hakan İnan. It is broadcast on the official Turkish government TV channel TRT1, just like the Teskilat series.


Full Episodes in English of BIR ZAMANLAR KIBRIS

This Turkish serie is in its first season.


Plot- Synopsis of Bir Zamanlar Kibris

Kemal Dereli is a prosperous merchant living with his family in Cyprus. The island is inhabited by both Turks and Greeks. Until one day they are attacked in the events called Bloody Christmas. They are forced to leave their homes and leave their towns and thus begin a forced migration.


From Turkey a man is sent on a secret mission to investigate the depths of the networks of intrigue and politics. In the midst of these events the love of two young people will have to fight to survive.

Curiosities of the novel Bir Zamanlar Kibris

The first recordings were made in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) region of Maraş on the island of Cyprus. Other locations include the regions of Nicosia, Gazi Magusa and Mersin, as well as part of the story took place in Istanbul. Which will allow the audience to enjoy very picturesque landscapes and sights.
Turkish historical productions stand out for their local scenery and costumes, made to the detail of each era.

Cast and Characters

Ahmet Kural as Kemal Dereli
Serkan Çayoğlu as Ankaralalı
Pelin Karahan as İnci Dereli
Gülper Özdemir as Doctor Ayşe
Tayanç Ayaydın as Nikos Sampson
Devrim Saltoğlu as Rauf Denktaş
Hasan Küçükçetin as Derviş
Miray Akay as Pembe Dereli



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