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Our History Turkish serie in English

bizim hikaye

Bizim Hikaye whose translation is “Our history” but that in English has received the name of Family love. It premiered on Fox TV in September 2017 and its last broadcast was in May 2019. This serie stars Hazal Kaya (Feriha’s Secret) and Burak Deniz (Love without words) (Marasli), who play the characters of Filiz Elibol and Baris.

Our History Episodes 

This serie has two seasons and a total of 70 chapters. 

Plot – Synopsis of Our History

Filiz is a beautiful young woman but above all, a fighter and selfless. She has put her own studies aside to take care of her family; five brothers and an alcoholic father who provides nothing and; Far from providing support and security, he is another heavy burden for her children.

bizim hikaye turkish novel

Rahmet and Hikmet, two of the brothers, attend school but at the same time, they work in what they can to help with the expenses. Ismet, Fikret and little Kirazbeing the youngest of the group, they still cannot work, so two attend school and the youngest; ismet is cared for by his other siblings in turns.

Although the six young people must live in a very limited economic situation and cope with the absence of their mother, who abandoned them, as well as face the carelessness of their father who only deals with drinking, everyone tries to cheer each other up and compensate each other for that love they have not received from their parents.

Due to all this family situation, Filiz thinks that she only has to live to take care of work and take care of her siblings, so she doesn’t have time to enjoy her youth. But nevertheless, Baris, a handsome young man who has a better economic position, will fall completely in love with Filiz and he will be willing to lighten your load and show you that you should also make room for love.

Some curious facts

Bizim Hikaye has been one of the most popular Turkish TV series, therefore, several interesting facts about this novel can be found.

Our Story was going to have a third season but it was canceled, until today the exact reasons are not known. It was said that it was possibly due to the fact that Hazal Kaya had made the decision to leave the series, since she had married during the filming of the second season, in February 2019 and shortly after, she announced her pregnancy.

hazal and deniz

However, the character was also expecting a baby, so it did not seem to be an impediment. The actress later clarified that it was the actor Burak Deniz who had another project. in doors and therefore the series could not continue, the actor did not confirm this news.

Cast and Characters

Hazal Kaya as Filiz Elibol
Burak Deniz as Barış / Savaş Aktan
Esra Bezen Bilgin as Şükran Elibol
Reha Özcan as Fikri Elibol
Selahattin Taşdöğen as Zihni Elibol
Cankat Aydos as Ersin Elibol
Nilay Duru as Yeliz Elibol
Yağız Can Konyalı as Rahmet Elibol
Nejat Uygur as Hikmet “Hiko” Elibol
Zeynep Selimoğlu as Kiraz Elibol
Alp Akar as Fikret “Fiko” Elibol
Ömer Sevgi as İsmet “İsmo” Elibol

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