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Biography of Can Yaman, Turkish actor

The Turkish actor Can Yaman was born on November 8, 1989 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Astrological sign: Scorpio. Height 1.82 m

He is an only child and comes from an immigrant family. His grandfather is an immigrant from Kosovo and his grandmother from Macedonia. He is the nephew of the famous soccer coach of the Besiktas team, Fuat Yaman. When he was 5 years old his parents divorced.

Can did high school in an Italian Lyceum so he learned that language and speaks it fluently. He stood out as an excellent student to the point of traveling to the USA in the framework of the student exchange program. He also learned English and German.

He practiced various sports at Besiktas: basketball, soccer, table tennis, rafting and badminton. He also likes to dance and music, plays piano and guitar.can yaman actor

His athletic qualities in basketball allowed him to win a scholarship with which he completed his university career and became a lawyer in 2012. He began working as a lawyer immediately.

While studying at the university, Can Yaman took acting courses as a hobby and thinking that it would serve him to develop expression and oratory for his legal profession. His teachers and theater friends told him that he had great acting qualities and that he should dedicate himself to this.

For several years, until 2017, Can carried out both activities: acting and advocacy simultaneously.

Novels and Series

Can debuted as actor in the novel Gönül Isleri in 2014 (Affairs of the Heart) where he had a supporting character called “Bedir”. For this role he had to change his appearance a bit and lost 6 kilos in weight to not look so muscular. His appearance in this novel was his launch to fame.

He had his first leading role on the novel Inadina Ask 2015 (Stubborn Love). This series was a success and with his partner in the field, the actress Acelya Topaloglu they made a great couple that the public loved.

In 2017 with the Dolunay series (Full Moon) As a leading actor alongside actress Orgun Guzel, Can achieved recognition not only in Turkey and the Middle East, but also in Europe and all of Latin America.

In 2018 with the Erkenci Kus series Albatross (Dreaming Bird) reaches the peak of its career so far. For this work, Can carries out a program of special physical conditioning, since the character is athletic and very muscular. This romantic comedy has achieved high ratings on TV and in online media.

can yaman turkish actor

Can Yaman has been awarded as the Best Actor in a Romantic Comedy at the Pantene Golden Butterfly Awards by Erkenci Kus in 2018. Also in 2018 he was chosen «Rising Actor of the Year » by GQ Turkey.

In 2020 he stars Bay Yanlis, Mr. Wrong, a romantic comedy accompanied again with Ozge gurel. The couple was a boom in the novel Donulay, for which they decided to repeat the pair and bet on a guaranteed success.

Can Yaman and his Girlfriends

Yaman never spoke of his private life and tries to keep it a secret. What has transpired is very little and he has never confirmed or denied it.

In 2015 on the set of the novel Inadina Ask, Acelya Topaloglu He played the role of Defne, with Can they had romantic and passionate scenes, the couple could not hide it and their emotions revealed that something else was between them. However, when the novel ended, they were not seen together again.

In 2016, the actor began to be seen with actress Bestemsu Ozdemir (Nilufer in the Serie Kara Para Ask). Bestemsu confirmed it and was also the one who 8 months later announced the breakup.

In 2018, with the novel Erkenci Kus he is also linked to your partner in fiction Demet Ozdemir, but in this case Can has stated: “She is an excellent actress, very funny, but there is nothing of a sentimental relationship between us”.

What kind of woman does Can like?

He likes feminine and elegant women, has stated: “I do not like masculine women. It has to be feminine, elegant, lady. It also has to be creative. He should not sit around doing nothing, he has to be a person who produces and works ”.

Can has stated that he is very annoyed by women who approach him insistently in public places.

Curiosities and tastes

He studied chef and bartender, he declares himself a good cook and that he loves to eat rich, especially he likes his grandmother’s Albanian cuisine.

He says that he is carried away more by feelings than by reason.

Her preferred country is Italy and she would like to get to know Brazil.

His dream is to play James Bond in a movie.

In the first months of 2019, it reached 3.5 million followers in Instagram and he is the leading man of the moment in Turkey and where you see the Erkenci Kus novel.

The actor faces legal problems

Can faced a lawsuit from his co-worker Selen Soyder, who accused him of physical abuse during the recording of Hangimiz Sevmedik in 2016. They argued and Can threw several objects at him in a fit of rage, for which he had to pay the victim 8000 lire (1200 dollars).

Movies and Novels

2014 Gonul Isleri
2015 Inadina Ask *
2016 Hangimiz Sevmedik *
2017 Dolunay *
2018 Erkenci Kus *
2020 Bay Yanlis *

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