Biography of Cansu Dere, Turkish actress

cansu dere actress

The Turkish actress Cansu Derewas born on October 14, 1980 in Ankara, Turkey.
His parents are Greek immigrants and he has a brother named Arda Dere.
Astrological sign of Libra.

Who is Cansu Dere?
the actress of Mother, All for my Daughter


The talented actress Cansu Dere As a child she completed her primary and secondary education in the city of Izmir. Subsequently, he studied archeology at the University of Istanbul.

In 2000 he took third place in Miss Turkey and she was the representative of Turkey to compete for the title of Miss Universe, however the Turkish government decided not to send a representative for the contest due to its tense relationship with Cyprus, the country where the contest was held.

During the years 2002 and 2003, she walked on important fashion catwalks in Paris. He worked with major brands and posed for renowned photographers.

The actress and her novels

The most outstanding works as an actress were in the novels: Sila, Ezel and The Sultan. But his most important and successful leading role is in the novel Anne or Mother or All for my daughter, depending on the country of issue.


His last works for TV were Şahsiyet and the novel Ferhat ile Sirin with Tolga Saritas. Unfortunately, both series had little luck, they were not to the liking of the Turkish public and they were canceled after a few episodes.


The couple

The beautiful actress she was in a relationship with quite older men. When he was filming Ezel he was dating the actor and comedian, Cem Yilmaz, with whom I had wedding plans. However, close to the wedding date Cansu found out that her fiancé was unfaithful to her with her best friend, the actress Ahu Yagtu. They separated and Cem married Ahu!

Cansu and Cem Yilmaz
Cansu and Cem Yilmaz

After this she was romantically linked with Kenan Imirzalıoğlu, her partner from the Ezel series, which was denied by both. And the truth is that she had a relationship with actor Sarp Akayya (Tefo de Ezel).

Soon Dere started a new relationship and began to live with Cem Aydin, general manager of Doğuş Yayın Grubu, a television company.

Cansu and Cem Aydin
Cansu and Cem Aydin

This relationship did not prosper either. And again she was left without a husband.

Time after Cansu She was seen in the flirtatious residential area of ​​Bebek in Istanbul with Menderes Samancılar, an actor in his 60s. Some say that there is nothing between them but that the actress uses it to scandalize and to make people talk.

Cansu and Menderes
Cansu and Menderes

The last romance attributed to him was with the actor Engin Akyürek and although they both denied it, they were seen together near Engin’s house.
The actress has no children and remains single.

Papelón and Scandal

The girl likes to talk. When she was Sarp Akayya’s girlfriend (or were they breaking up), Cansu She broke into a Sarp family party completely drunk. Such was the lack of control of the actress, that she had to be taken outside the enclosure by Murat Yildirim, actor and friend of Sarp. As there were many reporters, unfortunately everything was recorded 🙁



He likes photography and traveling.
Cansu She is an active instagrammer, she loves to be seen and gives an account of her life, her activities and even her vacation days on a daily basis.


Movie theater

2006- They are Osmanlı
2009- Acı Aşk
2010- Yahşi Batı
2011- The Yazısı
2011- Behzat Ç. Seni


2003- Alacakaranlı
2005- Güz Yangını
2006–2008- Sıla
2009- Altın Kızlar
2009–2011- Ezel
2012- Muhteşem Yüzyıl, The sultan
2016-2017 Anne / Mother / All for my Daughter
2018- Şahsiyet
2019- Ferhat ile Sirin

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