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Carpisma, Turkish Serie in English

Carpisma Crash

The turkish serie Carpisma, Shock, Collision aired since the end of 2018. It is the new work of Kivanc Tatlitug

who was away from TV since the soap opera Seyit ve Sura.

Carpisma episodes in English

This turkish serie had 1 season of 24 chapters of 140 minutes. It did not have a second season because the rating of the Turkish public was not as expected.


Plot – Synopsis of the serie

In a four-car crash, the lives of two men and two women will intersect. fatally bound by fate.

Kadir (Kivanc) he is a policeman who has lost his wife and young daughter in a terrorist attack for which he feels responsible. He wishes to die and falls into a great depression. One night of desperation he goes out with his drunk car and in that crazy race there will be a collision between 4 cars. The destinies of the 4 drivers will be intertwined and Kadir will find a goal and a reason to become a police officer again and in time it will also heal your heart with a new love.

carpisma in english

A bumpy start

The novel began directed by the talented Uluc Bayraktar and with the music of great Toygar Isikli. The performances of the protagonists are impeccable…however, the first chapters did not convince the demanding turkish public and rating measurements were lower than expected. The plot is sometimes slow and other times very predictable. This shook the continuity of the novel on television.


Due to what was said and internal dissent, Uluc left the direction of the series and there were changes in the orientation of the scripts. After that the rating went up and the chapters went ahead. To everyone’s surprise, the director collaborated again on the series finale.

Cast / Characters / Actors

carpisma cast

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Kadir Adalı
Elçin Sangu as Zeynep Tunc
Onur Saylak as Veli Cevher
Melisa Aslı Pamuk as Cemre Gür
Alperen Duymaz as Kerem Korkmaz
Erkan Can as Haydar
Mustafa Uğurlu as Selim Gür
Rojda Demirer as Belma Gür
Merve Çağıran as Meral
Hakan Kurtas as Demir
İsmail Demirci as Galip Tunc


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