Cilek Kokusu, With the Smell of Strawberries

WITH THE SMELL OF STRAWBERRIES. Turkish serie in English. CILEK KOKUSU. Synopsis, Cast, Actors.


Cilek Kokusu – With the Smell of Strawberries Turkish serie in English

strawberry smell novel

The turkish series Cilek Kokusu, With the Smell of Strawberries

it stars Demet Özdemir and Yusuf Çim, who play Asli and Burak, respectively. This romantic and humorous serie was produced by Faruk Turgut and broadcast in 2015 in his country of origin.

With the Smell of Strawberries 

It is made up of a single season to of 22 chapters. 


Plot / Synopsis

Asli is an enthusiastic pastry chef who enjoys his work, but one unlucky day, at the delivery of one of his strawberry shortcakes, has a car accident with a stranger (Burak) ruins the cake he was carrying and loses his job. What she never imagined was that the cause of her misfortune would gradually become someone so important to her life.

Asli must abruptly change jobs in order to finish her university studies, but in this search to reach her goal, she will be influenced by her friend Gonca to go for new horizons. This takes her to the southern tourist city of Bodrum, where she hopes to work in the summer in high season.

With her friend they get a job in an important hotel and destiny will make them Burak is responsible for his misfortune, be the owner of the hotel and his new boss.strawberry scented demet ozdemir

Asli was initially in love with Volkana sweet and educated man, but little by little life will make him realize that his true love is someone else, Burak. A completely different man, womanizer and arrogant, who will also be transformed by the feelings that Asli awakens in him. Ironically, both men are quite connected to each other.

A plot full of witty anecdotes, ironic connections, lots of humor and a good touch of romance. This is how the threads of this fun story will be woven. In which, dreams, youth, the difference of social classes and the whims of the heart are mixed.

Curiosities about the actors


Demet and her co-star in the novel, handsome actor Yusuf Çim, they were a couple in real life. So, the chemistry of this couple was 100% true, because it was precisely during the recordings that they began their romantic relationship. Finally, their courtship ended in 2017.

demet and yusuf

Demet Ozdemir She has made several series but now she is in one of her best moments as an actress, since more recently she starred in Erkenci Kus dreamy birdwith Cam Yaman, with whom, by the way, he was also romantically linked, but this has been denied by both.

For its part, Yusuf Cim He has not confirmed another relationship either, although in 2019 he was photographed with a beautiful girl at the wedding of some friends. However, it seems that for now, the actor’s priority is his career and charities in which he is involved.


smell of strawberries cast

Demet Ozdemir
Yusuf Cim
Mine Tugay
Mahir Gunsiray
Murat Basoglu
Lacin Ceylan
Ekin Mert Daymaz

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