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DESTAN Turkish serie in English

Destan Turkish series in English

Turkish series Destan (which means Epic or Epic) is an ATV production launched in 2021. It is a serie of the historical and period genre, however it can also be included in the fantasy category. The main protagonist is the Turkish actress Ebru Sahin

who we know from the novel Hercai and the Turkish actors Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar.

Destan full episodes in English

Destan is in its first season. Follow the link below to see it subtitled in English online for free.


Plot – Destan Synopsis

Akkiz is a warrior of the mountains from Central Asia who was orphaned by the great khan Korkut of the Gök Kagan. Akkiz waits in the mountains for the moment of his revenge.
“I am Dağ’s daughter, Akkız! I have become a hand for those without hands… I have become a path for those without feet. I came to supply the weakness, to free the slave and to write my epic from the mountain to the sky ”.
The plot takes place between the 8th and 9th centuries, in the distant times, before the inhabitants of the area took up Islam. Everything is surrounded by magic and wildlife of the time.

Destan synopsis
Akkiz will meet Gök Tegini Batuga, a prince who is lame and is also an orphan. Their union will change the fate of the Turkish people.


Turkish tribes are surrounded by threats from their Chinese, Mongolian and Persian neighbors. They also have their own internal confrontations between tribes.
In the midst of this situation, Alpagu, the great khan of the Gök Khanate, decides to ask the daughter of his brother Balamir Yabgu, as the girlfriend of his lame son Batuga, hoping that this union will stop a possible war between tribes. Assemble a retinue and begin the journey, but Akkiz the mountain warrior will appear on your way.

Destan chapters in English



The production has counted that they had many investigations and readings about that recondite time to be able to recreate it and make the settings. Sets were built in a special factory and ATV has invested heavily in this series.

Cast and Characters of Destan

Ebru Şahin as Akkız
Edip Tepeli as Batuga
Selim Bayraktar as Alpagu Han
Deniz Barut as Ulu Ece
Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı as Balamir Beg
Kanbolat Görkem Arslan as Saltuk Beg
İpek Karapınar as Çolpan Hatun
Burak Tozkoparan as Temur Tegin
Elif Doğan as Tutkun
Burak Berkay Akgül as Kaya Tegin
Ahmet Olgun Sünear as Yaman
Buse Meral as Sırma
Ecem Sena Bayır as Günseli Hatun
Esra Kılıç as Mei Jin

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