DOGDUGUN EV KADERENDIN, Your Home is Your Destiny


DOGDUGUN EV KADERENDIN, Turkish serie in English

Dogdugun Ev Kaderendin, Your Home is Your Destiny is a Turkish serie that premiered on December 25, 2019. It is also translated as The House where you were born is your Destiny. It is broadcast in Turkey on channel TV8. It was directed by Çağrı Bayrak and produced by OGM Pictures.


Its main characters are two of the most popular Turkish actors today, the talented Demet Özdemir (Erkensi Kus’ actress) and the handsome actor Ibrahim Çelikkol (actor of Amor en Blanco y Negro). They bring Zeinep and Mehdi to life.

Full Episodes in English of DOGDUGUN EV KADERENDIN

It is not yet known how many seasons or how many episodes the drama will have, but given the success of its launch it will be several seasons. Follow the link below to see it online with English subtitles free.


Summary – Synopsis

This is a dramatic serie that tells the story of Zeynep, who from a very young age was given by her parents to a wealthy couple, due to the precarious situation they were going through, the product of an irresponsible alcoholic and abusive father. For twelve years, Zeynep was raised with the comforts of the upper class and even managed to enter college.

On his part, Mehdi, a mechanic, is a generous man, with a good heart but also marked by certain family events of his childhood. Same that make him avoid the marriage. Nevertheless, his mother presses him to get a good wife and to form his own family.

Now, Zeynep finds herself engaged to a wealthy man who is about to continue his graduate studies, when his past finds her again and takes her to her real home, one where thousands of sad memories accompany her but she insists on facing them out of love for her mother, whom she is not willing to leave for a second time.


So, Zeinep and Mehdi end up finding each other and must fight with a series of elements against to achieve their happiness, far from all that sadness that was their life in the most tender years of their lives and that even in their present resists to leave them.


Curiosities of the House where you were born is your Destiny

This serie is based on the book Camdaki kiz (The girl at the window), which tells the story of two women who have gone through a life full of strong events. Being Dogdugun Ev Kaderendin, the story of one of them, Zeynep, while the other one, called Nalan, could have her own series and even, it has been talked that her interpretation would be in charge of the actress Tuba Büyüküstün.

The actors show very good chemistry on the screen and although both are talented and very professional, the work of Demet Ozdemir stands out, who went from the romantic comedy genre to the dramatic one in an impeccable way.


As for the gallant actor Ibrahim Çelikkol, he had also come out of his previous project, a police action plot, last year. In this new series he was happy to become a father recently, together with his wife since 2017 Mihre Mutlu.

Cast and characters

Demet Özdemir as Zeynep
İbrahim Çelikkol as Mehdi
Zuhal Gencer as Sakine
Senan Kara as Nermin
Nail Kırmızıgül as Ekrem
Engin Hepileri as Faruk
Elif Sönmez as Cemile
Hülya Duyar as Sultan
Mehmet Korhan Fırat as Celal
Fatih Koyunoğlu as Nuh
Nurşim Demir as Zeliha
Zeynep Kumral as Müjgan

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