Ebru Şahin, Biography

Biography of Ebru Şahin

Ebru Sahin Turkish actress

This beautiful Turkish actress Ebru Sahin, was born in Istanbul on May 18, 1994.

It is from the sign of Taurus. In addition to being talented, she has great beauty and a slim figure of 1.64 m. of height.

Before turning to acting, studied at the University of Sports Sciences.

However, after such studies, Ebru Şahin chose to focus on acting.

Professional activity

She is a fledgling actress who has only been in her career for a few years. He started in 2017 in a supporting role in the movie Babam.

From then on he did not stop working, until he reached his first leading role in the Hercai series, which is being a great success in his country and also abroad.Reyyan of Hercai

Love life and boyfriends

This beautiful Turkish actress not currently in a dating relationship.

A relationship that transcended was his courtship with Tolga Saritas in 2018.

Ebru and Tolga Saritas
Ebru Sahin and Tolga Saritas

The most recent rumor related to his love life had to do with him son of a renowned singer from the same country, because they were seen sharing in a cafeteria. However, the actress quickly clarified the rumors through her social networks, making it clear that it was all speculation and that the press should be more careful.

Ebru was also romantically related to his co-star on the series Hercai, the handsome actor Akin Akinözü. But this was not true either, as the actor announced his formal engagement with his girlfriend of several years, who by the way, has nothing to do with the world of television.Ebru and Akin

So, everything seems to indicate that the beautiful Turkish actress is still completely free and her heart does not have a prince charming yet.

Hobbies and other interests

She has more than two million followers on her instagram and in her country she is seen as a figure very dear in social networks. In addition to acting, the talented actress has a hobby that she enjoys very much, which is horse riding and of which, she has shared part of her practice through her official account of Instagram.Ebru Turkish actress from Hercai

It seems that Şahin manages to do this activity perfectly because looks confident, smiling and happy when riding a horse. It should also be noted that he shows charisma, style and good taste in all his photographs, generating great sympathy in those who follow him.

Novels and Series

2017-2018 Savaşçı
2017-2018 İstanbullu Gelin
2018 Yasak Elma
2019- Hercai

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