What is Fatmagul’s fault? Turkish series 

The Turkish series Fatmagul has been a huge success in many Eastern European countries, it was also dubbed into Spanish and broadcast in Lat in America and has also started to come out in Spain with a lot of audience support.


Full Episodes in English of FATMAGUL

It consisted in its original version of 2 seasons of 80 complete chapters.

It was starred by Beren Saat and Engin Akyürek throwing the two actors to the fame.


Plot / Synopsis of the Turkish serie Fatmagul

Fatmagül lives in a coastal village near Izmir with his naive brother Rahmi, and his wife Mukaddes. She is engaged to Mustafa, a young fisherman who is her childhood sweetheart.

Nearby lives Kerim, who was raised by the village healer after being abandoned by his father and left motherless. Every summer Kerim hopes to meet up again with his millionaire childhood friends: Selim, Vural and Erdoğan.


One evening, during Selim’s engagement party Yaşaran, the four drunken friends meet Fatmagül. What begins as a harassment, minutes later ends in a rape.

When Mustafa finds out that Fatmagül is raped, he goes crazy and breaks off the engagement with her. To cover up the scandal that the news of the rape would mean, the powerful family Yaşaran forces Kerim to marry Fatmagül.

Kerim is not guilty of the rape, but Fatmagül thinks he raped her too. And he will start an impossible trial that will bring misfortune to the family.

What does the name Fatmagül mean?

It is a compound between Fatma, meaning “maiden, virgin girl” and Gül, of Persian origin meaning “rose”, which means “pink maiden” or “virgin rose”.


Curiosities of the actors of the Turkish series Fatmagul

Engin Ozturk (Selim) and Firat Celyk (Mustafa) had very different vocations before they turned to acting.

The actor Engin Ozturk who puts himself in Selim’s shoes, studied in his country’s Air Force and, although he finished his studies in 2005, he quickly understood that this world was far from his true vocation: acting. He immediately began studying drama and in 2010, he applied to the Fatmagul casting, where he was chosen. From that moment on, Engin did not stop working on different television fictions in his country.

Firat Celik was born in Germany, but lived most of his life in France. His first job was in the world of modeling, but he studied economy and it was just after finishing this career that he decided to return to Turkey, the country of his parents, and there he dedicated himself to acting.

About the author

This fiction is based on a book by the author Vedat Turkali. Published in the 1970s, the novel was written to denounce a terrible practice in Turkish culture, which focused on the fact that if a rapist married his victim, he would go unpunished. Turkali then told the story of Fatmagul to expose the horrors of this totally monstrous logic and from the debate that this text generated, this law began to be rethought.

The Turkish writer Vedat is known as a women’s rights activist and his own daughter, actress Deniz Turkali (who plays Perihan Yasaran in the novel), is also a leading women’s rights activist.

Social impact of the series

The arrival of the Fatmagul series and its story of struggle after being raped by a group of men generated an important awareness in many Turkish women who went through terrible episodes linked to abuse. Without going any further, in the context in which this novel was transmitted there was the birth of the social claim called “Never again alone”, promoted by different support groups for victims of sexual abuse and male violence.

Cast and characters of Turkish series Fatmagul

Beren Saat as Fatmagül Ketenci/Ilgaz

Engin Akyürek as Kerim Ilgaz

Fırat Çelik as Mustafa Nalçalı

Murat Daltaban as Münir Telci

Buğra Gülsoy as Vural Namlı

Kaan Taşaner as Erdoğan Yaşaran

Engin Öztürk as Selim Yaşaran

Deniz Türkali as Perihan Yaşaran

Silk Güven as Meltem Alagöz

Esra Dermancıoğlu as Mukaddes Ketenci

Bülent Seyran as Rahmi Ketenci

Veda Yurtsever İpek as Ender Alagöz

Musa Uzunlar as Reşat Yaşaran

Sumru Yavrucuk as Meryem Aksoy (“Ebe Nine”)

Civan Canova as Kadir Pakalın

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