Iyi Gunde Kotu Gunde, Good Day Bad Day


IYI GUNDE KOTU GUNDE, Turkish serie in english

Iyi gunde turkish series

İyi Günde Kötü Günde or Good Day Bad Day is a Turkish comedy produced by O3 and broadcast on Star TV. Starring the beautiful and renowned actress Elcin Sangu who jumped to fame with Kiralik Ask


Full Episodes in english of IYI GUNDE KOTU GUNDE

It is not yet decided how many chapters or seasons the novel will have and that will depend on the success and response of the Turkish public. Follow the link below to see it online with English subtitles.


Plot – Synopsis

Iyi gunde plot

Leyla, our heroine, is a girl who is dedicated to the organization of events, especially weddings.

She also had her dream of a wedding in the past, but it happened that her fiancé Sarp at the last minute felt insecure and afraid and left her waiting at the wedding table.
Leyla suffered from this situation and to move forward she concentrated on her work, devoting all her time and energy to it.


One day, some very wealthy clients, parents of a wedding bride who want to hire her for the organization, fall into her business. For Leyla, this is a great opportunity to make money and become known among wealthy clients. She works hard to do a great job.

When the wedding day arrives, she is at the party and then she meets Melissa, the bride, and at one point the groom appears who is none other than Sarp, the one who stood Leyla up. The young woman can’t get over her surprise and also the anger that the situation arouses in her.

She cannot hide her emotions and everything takes a funny and comical turn.


TRAILER with english subtitles


Cast and characters

Elçin Sangu as Leyla
Mehmet Ozan Dolunay as Sarp
Yasemin Allen as Melisa
Senay Gurler
Derya Alabora
Narciso Kumbasar
Hakan Salınmış

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