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Guvercin, Turkish serie in English

Guversin turkish novel

Guvercin is a turkish serie of drama and suspense starring Mehmet Ali Nuroglu and Almila Ada (Cennet), who play Kenan and Zuluf respectively. In English that means dove

. The production of this series is in charge of Pastel Film, being the director Altan Dönmez.

Guvercin Episodes in English

This Turkish series premiered on November 24, 2019, its first season continues to be broadcast on Start TV and it is not determined how many episodes it will have.


Plot – Synopsis

guvercin in english

Is story revolves around two families united by misfortune that keeps them connected but distant at the same time. And it is that, the tragic death of a man, produces wounds and resentments in all the members of his family, hitting Okkesh, his youngest son, and his widow to a greater extent.

For her part, Nephice, Okkesh’s sister, despite the pain caused by the loss of her father 15 years ago, falls in love with Muslum, son of Bedir, the man everyone believes her father’s murderer. While her older brother, Kenan, also falls madly in love with Bedir’s daughter, Zuluf, not knowing what family she comes from and therefore they cannot afford to be together.

guvercin subtitled in english
Around these impossible loves, equally marked hatreds and conflictive situations, the truth behind that murder unravels and the ambitious intentions of other equally important characters within the plot are also revealed.

Curiosities and data of interest about the actors of the serie

Mehmet Ali Nuroglu The actor who plays Kenan has participated in various productions both in film and on television. He is married to Cicek Nuroglu, a certified astrologer, who tends to have a gothic and mystical style. The actor keeps his private life away from the spotlight of the cameras but does not hesitate to share some moments with his wife through her instagram.

As for the beautiful Turkish actress Almila Ada She is passionate about ballet, enjoys playing the piano and loves dogs. She started acting in 2015 but had already been modeling for some time. The last known relationship of the sensual and beautiful Almila was with the handsome Paul Vokan Svdik. On her instagram, she shows photos related to art, she models in ballet positions mainly, and some other professional modeling photos that highlight her elegance and beauty.

Cast and Characters

Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu as Kenan
Almila Ada as Zülüf
Menderes Samancılar as Bedir
Nursel Köse as Kevsa
Devrim Saltoğlu as Celil
Osman Albayrak as Kasim
Genco Özak as Ökkeş
Toprak Sağlam as Emel


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