HANGIMIZ SEVMEDIK – Marriage by surprise

HANGIMIZ SEVMEDIK, Turkish serie in English.

This series Marriage by Surprise, in Turkish Hangimiz Sevmedik was broadcast in Turkey from July 2016 to May 2017 through TRT 1. It is a romantic comedy that has also been distributed to other countries under the names We all fall in Love and Marriage by Surprise or Who doesn’t like it?

It was starred by the gallant Can Yaman and the actress Yeliz Kuvancı, who personify Tarik and Itir respectively.

Full episodes in English of HANGIMIZ SEVMEDIK

It had only one season, made up of 40 episodes.

Plot – Synopsis

Tarik and Itir who fall in love during the time they are studying at the university, is where they decide to get married without consulting their families. The secret wedding takes place during the last year of college and then, you return to your place of origin, and there is no turning back from their union.

However, the families of both are at odds with each other, Tarik’s mother and Itir’s father can’t stand each other, even though more than three decades ago they were not enemies, on the contrary, they came to love each other as a couple. But that love was relegated to the point that each one ended up making his own life by marrying someone else.

Tarek and Itir are unaware of this loving past that united their parents, and the apparent resentment or rejection among their families does not prevent them from moving forward with their feelings and their marriage. However, all this will bring their respective parents closer together again, to leave behind the past that separates them.

A series that presents a dramatic touch, but even more, a load of good humor, typical of the romantic comedies to which Turkey has already accustomed us.

Curiosities about the actors 

Marriage by Surprise was one of the first series in which the now successful Turkish actor and model Can Yaman participated. In fact, in his most recent success Early Bird (Erkenci Kus), the actor not only shows a great acting evolution, but also a notorious physical change. He is now one of the most popular and beloved actors in Turkey and Spain, a country where he has transcended his work on the small screen.

As for Yeliz Kuvancı she has not managed to achieve as much popularity as her co-star, because in fact, she has not had roles that have catapulted her to be as recognized as other Turkish actors of the moment.

Cast and characters

Yeliz Kuvancı as Itır Yeşil
Can Yaman as Tarık Çam
Cengiz Bozkurt as Şener Yeşil
Altan Erkekli as Münir Yeşil
Gül Onat as Adile Çam
Bülent Şakrak as İlyas Çiçek
Mehtap Bayri as Ayşen Akça
Deniz Oral as İhsan Durulmaz
Veysel Diker as Şevket Özler
Şerif Erol as Hulusi Gültekin

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