HER YERDE SEN, Everywhere You in English

Her Yerde Sen – Everywhere You, Turkish Serie

The Turkish novel Her Yerde Sen, Everywhere You, is a 2019 production that was broadcast on FOX from June to the end of November. It is an adaptation of a Taiwanese novel. A romantic comedy in the best style that Turkish productions have accustomed us to.

Episodes of Everywhere You in English

The series had a total of 23 episodes in a single season.

Plot/Synopsis of Her Yerde Sen

The central love story in this plot full of romance and humor is between Selin and Demir, roles that star the talented actors Aybüke Pusat and Furkan Andıç respectively.

Demir is a wealthy businessman who has spent several years abroad and wishes to return to Istanbul, specifically to the house where he grew up and treasures unforgettable moments with his parents.her yerde sen chapters in english

Selin, on the other hand, is an interior designer with a desire to excel and be independent, who has managed to buy her first house. Well, for things of fate or whims of life, Selin and Demir have been scammed and after it’s too late, they discover they are the owners of the same property and neither is willing to sell their share to the other, so after discussions they decide to share ownership.everywhere-your-actors

The anecdotes between the protagonists also increase when the fact that Selin is going to work in Demir’s company is added, so different situations bring them even closer until they awaken a strong love that makes them want to be together despite to everything

Some curiosities about the main actors

Of the beautiful Aybuke Pusat We can highlight that she is only 24 years old and in addition to being a model, dancer and actress, she was Miss Turkey 2014. She is 1.74 meters tall and is a Pisces sign. this beautiful actress She also graduated as a ballet dancer . She is currently a distance student at Anadolu University, in the business department.

He had a prominent role in the series Medzezir.

Aybüke Pusat is active on Instagram and there she shows not only the important brands she represents as a model, but also her travels and of course, part of what she shares in her recordings in her acting work. She was known to had a romantic relationship with the screenwriter Can Yucelwho is 9 years older.her yerden sen furkan

As to Furkan Andıç, andOn his instagram he also shows his good vibes and the excellent relationship he seems to have with his fellow actors. This actor and model began his career in 2007. His first important role was in the novel Maryem.

Several sentimental partners have been knownthe most recent, the also actress and model, Dilan Cicek Deniz in 2017.

Cast and Characters of Everywhere You

her yerde cast

Furkan Andıç as Demir Erendil
Aybüke Pusat as Selin Sever
Ali Yağcı as Burak Yangel
Aslıhan Malbora as Ayda Akman
Ali Gözüşirin as İbrahim Tunç / İbo
Deniz Işın as Merve Mutlu
Eylül Su Sapan as Alara
Ali Barkin as Bora Duru
Cem Cucenoğlu as Muharrem Usta
Fatih Özkan as Ferruh Özerdim

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