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HERCAI Turkish serie in english

From the very first episode, the Hercai

series attracted the attention of the audience and achieved success in the ratings.

The soap opera has wonderful natural settings of the Midyat area of Mardin and fascinates the audience with the history and culture of Midyat. It shows from ancient and archaeological sites to fabulous mansions, lifestyle and has the characteristic of being one of the most important tourist places in Turkey.

Hercai is the story of an impossible love born of revenge.

Full Episodes in english of HERCAI

This serie is in its second season. The first season had 38 episodes. Follow the link below to watch it online with English subtitles.


Plot / Synopsis of  Hercai


The story is about a young man named Miran, whose parents died because of a man and Miran becomes his mortal enemy. To get revenge, Miran decides on a classic revenge: he seduces Reyyan to destroy the young woman and thus hurt his enemy in the being he loves the most: his daughter.

Reyyan falls in love with Miran, but after a while, she realizes his plans. Miran loves Reyyan, but the desire for revenge is very strong.

The plot is based on the book of the same name, a bestseller in 2012, written by Sümeyye Koç. Several major television companies were fighting for the rights to make the book into a movie. They were finally acquired by the ATV channel which decided to make a series.


The original book has a tragic ending but the producers of the soap opera have announced that they will make major changes as the chapters progress, so it is not known how it will end up in the series. The writers have promised the audience surprises.

According to the book Reyyan is 19 years old and Miran has blue eyes. In the book, Miran follows Reyyan for a year before asking for his hand.



Cast and characters of the Turkish series Hercai

Akın Akınözü – Miran Aslanbey
Ebru Şahin – Reyyan Şadoğlu
Macit Sokan – Nasuh Şadoğlu
İlay Erkök – Yaren Şadoğlu
Gülçin Santıroğlu – Sultan Aslanbey
Serhat Tutumluer – Hazar Şadoğlu
Ayda Aksel – Azize Aslanbey
Oya Unustası – Gönül Aslanbey
Tansu Taşanlar – Azat Şadoğlu
Gülçin Hatıhan – Handan Şadoğlu
Feride Çetin – Zehra Şadoğlu
Eda Başlamışlı – Elif Асланбей
Serdar Özer – Cihan Şadoğlu

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  1. You should have season 4,5,6,7,8,9 and on. It’s a beautiful serie love is what the world needs and this is the BEST NOVEL in years. People tend to learn from all this movies , series and soap operas. It’s time to get the world in love again. Great job 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼 To the writer , producer and cast.

  2. This series has captivated my interest. Well interpreted, intensely performed, passionate delivery. The court yard becomes a stage where The protagonists live their passions intensively by give life to the characters and allow them to becoming spectators of their strong holds. Outside the court, they g e t lost. They can only survive by standing on the old stones that cover their foot and protected of the stones around that are custodians of their passions. Fire cleans but do not teach them a new way, they need to find a new court where to stand.

    1. Made me angry when i saw people could take everything in their hands, without thinking they can get help from police even after burning houses, killing, raping, betraying,………………………Unimaginable, impossible, unbelievable,……..

  3. A great love story, makes you want to fall in love again. I wish I could see it as a movie in its entirety. Turca soaps are great.🥰

  4. Una gran historia de amor, te hace querer volver a enamorarte. Ojalá pudiera verla como una película en su totalidad. Los jabones Turca son geniales.🥰

  5. I have never watched such an emotional
    Movie . Keep it up .
    All characters were beautiful and amazing , we enjoyed this movie

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