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HERKEK SEVERSE, Turkish Serie in English


HERKEK SEVERE is a turkish serie produced by Gold Film, from the streaming platform Bein Connect. in english it will be man love or When a man loves a woman. Is a romantic comedy by the same writer of the series Erkenci Kus and Hab. 309. Starring Alperen Duymaz, Büşra Develi and Yasemin Allen.

Episodes HERKEK SEVERSE, Love of man 

The platform plans a season of 13 chapters of 46 minutes.

Plot, Synopsis of Man’s Love

Zeynep married very young and very much in love with Oktay with whom they had 2 children. Over time, Zeynep was cheated on by her husband, so they divorced and she no longer believes in love. Until one day he meets Kenan Acarsoy.

erkek-severse turkish series

Kenan he is a young man but he has become a great businessman from Turkey. It has everything and it is also handsome, nice, seductive, kind and still single. He attracts the attention of all the marriageable young women in Istanbul, but he does not fall prey to any of them. He is just fully dedicated to his job.. Until he meets Zeynep.

erkek-severe chapters in English

Kenan has a partner who is Yelda. She hopes that after the society the young man will fall in love with her and end up in marriage.
Yelda understands the danger to carry out her marriage plan if Kenan and Zeynep are very close and she will become their rival and enemy.

Cast and Characters

Alperen Duymaz – Kenan Acarsoy
Büşra Develi – Zeynep
Yasemin Allen – Yelda
Gorkem Sevdik
Yagiz Can Konyali
Asli Sumen
Tolga Gulec

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