INADINA ASK – In spite of love


INADINA ASK, Turkish serie in English

Inadina Ask, also known as In spite of love or Secret Wedding, is a Turkish series that was broadcast on FOX channel. This series is part of the genre of romantic comedy being its main characters Can Yaman

and Açelya Topaloğlu.

Full episodes in English of INADINA ASK

There was only one season, which began to be broadcast in July 2015 until February 2016 and was made up of a total of 32 episodes.


Plot – Synopsis

Well, this series bases its plot on the experiences of a young woman called Defne Barutçu, who has just graduated from one of the best universities in the country Turkey, her profession is computer engineer, so, she starts working at Aras Tecnología, where she will meet the love of her life, a very handsome young man who is nothing more and nothing less than the manager of the company.

The meeting between the protagonists happens by chance in an amusing moment on the way to her first day of work. But because of this meeting Defne arrives extremely late and they want to fire her. However, she finds support in the sister of the company manager and they give her the opportunity to show her skills for the job, being hired for her excellent performance.


Later on, Defne herself will want to leave the company, when she discovers that the company’s CEO is Yalin Aras, the man she has met in the parking lot and whom she has believed to be a bully and conceited. But Yalin, who has already been charismatically flirted with by Defne, does not want to let her go and is willing to apologize.

From here, a plot is woven full of laughter but also of romantic moments and the odd drama.

Curiosities about the main actors

The chemistry between these two actors caused a stir among the spectators. Can Yaman and Açelya Topaloğlu have been in existence for three years, Can being less. However, age did not prevent the attraction and good relationship of the actors on screen, creating rumors of a relationship between them. But this was never confirmed.

After the series, the actor Can Yaman had a relationship, the only one confirmed so far, with another Turkish actress, Bestemsu Ozdemir, which ended eight months later, being the separation announced by Ozdemir in December 2017. Currently, although he has been reconnected with the actress of his most recent novel, Demet Özdemir, he has made it clear that they are just co-workers.
For her part, Açelya Topaloğlu has continued to work in film, television and theater, but she was not seen again with her co-star Can Yaman after the completion of Inadina Ask.


Cast and characters

Açelya Topaloğlu as Defne Barutçu
Can Yaman as Yalın Aras
Nilay Duru as Yeşim Aras Barutçu
Eren Vurdem as Çınar Barutçu
Cevahir Turan Ezgi Aksoy
Cem Belevi as Deniz Aras
Yeşim Dalgıçer as Leyla Aksoy
Taner Rumeli as Toprak Barutçu
İlay Erkök as Damla Başar
Tibet Dursun as İdris Doruk Barutçu
Bilge Şen as Pembe Barutçu
Selim Gürata as Süreyya Aras
Elvin Levinler as Nehir Aras

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