KADERIMIM OYUNU Turkish serie in English. Full episodes with free subtitles. THE GAME OF MY DESTINY, Plot, Synopsis, Trailer, Actors >>

KADERIMIM OYUNU Turkish serie in English

kaderimim oyunu in english

The turkish serie KADERIMIM OYUNU, in English it is “The game of my destiny“. It is broadcast on the Star TV screen. The main actors are Öykü Karayel (Muhteşem Yüzyıl), Akın Akınözü (Hercai) and Sarp Apak.
It is a series of love and drama that highlights the strength of character and the fighting spirit of women.

Full episodes of KADERIMIM OYUNU in English

It is in its first season. Follow the link below to see it subtitled in English for free online.

Plot – Synopsis of Kaderimim Oyunu

Asiye is a woman who had a difficult time because she was raised with a lot of abuse by her stepmother. For that reason, at 17 he leaves home. The girl is very lonely, she meets Cemal and marries him. They live a youthful love full of illusions. But life is hard and financial difficulties will gradually exhaust the couple.

They have 2 children, Nergis and Umut. Cemal can no longer endure that life of poverty, and a wealthy woman crosses his path who offers him another life.
Cemal abandons Asiye and the children, despite her pleas for him to stay and fight together. Nergis, Asiye’s daughter is involved in a confusing criminal situation, and the woman decides to flee with her children.
In the midst of all adversity he will meet Mahir and the game of destiny will begin.

Curiosities of the Turkish serie the Game of my Destiny

The serie is filmed in the Amasya region of northern Turkey, it is an area of ​​mountains on the Black Sea coast. The governor of the province of Amasya and the mayor of the city visited the set of the television series ‘The game of my destiny’ and offered the team a welcome agape table with local products.

Cast and Characters

Akin Akinözü
Öykü Karayel
Meric aral
Esra Dermancioglu
Sarp apak
Kaan Çakir
Yesim Gül Aksar

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