KALP YARASI, Heart Wound

KALP YARASI, Heart Wound Turkish serie. Full episodes in English. Synopsis, Trailer, Cast, Curiosities and more >>


KALP YARASI, Turkish serie in English

Kalp-Yarasi-Turkish series

KALP YARASI translates Heart wound. It is broadcast on the Turkish ATV channel on Mondays.

It belongs to the genre of romantic drama and describes the rural life and customs of the south. The serie is recorded in the Antakya area in the city of Hatay, an area known for its horses.


Full Episodes in English of KALP YARASI

The novel Wound of the Heart is in your First season and it has been placed in the top of the raiting, so it is possible that it has a 2nd. season. Follow the link below to watch it online with English subtitles.


Plot- Synopsis of Kalp Yarası

Two very rich and powerful families from Hatay they hope to unite their wealth through marriage. Since kids Ferit and Hande have been raised together and their marriage was prepared, especially for Ferit’s mother.

The two of them have a best friend who is Yaman, the son of a farmer, the three of them have played together since childhood. Yaman is secretly in love with Hande and is very envious of Ferit that he is rich and has many privileges. Before the wedding, Ferit discovers Hande and Yaman talking in the stables, when Yaman declares his love for her and Hande does not reject him.


Ferit’s heart breaks and he goes to Istanbul, thus canceling the wedding and unleashing a war between the two families.

Ayse makes a living in many ways and is walking dogs, when Ferit is driving distracted and in pain and comes across a loose dog. Ayse comes over to help and they take him to a vet.

Ayse dreams of opening a cafeteria, Ferit will make her a proposal so that she can fulfill her dreams and help him avoid getting married. This is how your love story will begin.

kalp yarisi in english


Main actors of Wound of the Heart

Gokhan Alkan as Ferit

Gökhan Alkan was born on December 8, 1987 in Istanbul, he studied acting at Müjdat Gezen Art Center and we know him for his work at Yasak Elma. He is 1.88 m tall and is from Sagittarius.


Yağmur Tanrısevsin as Ayşe

Yağmur Tanrısevsin was born in 1990 in Mersin. We know her from her work on the television series Aşk Ağlatır and Menajerimi Ara.

Cast and Characters of Heartbeat

Gokhan Alkan – Ferit Sancakzade
Yağmur Tanrısevsin – Ayşe Yılmaz
Merve Calling – Hande Velioglu
Toprak Can Adıgüzel – Yaman Öztürk
Senay Gurler – Azade Sancakzade
Mahir Gunsiray – Adnan Sancakzade

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