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Kara Tahta, Slate or Slate

kara-tahta turkish series

The Turkish serie Kara Tahta, Blackboard or Chalkboard is produced by US Yapim and is seen on the screens of the TRT1 channel, the official channel of the Turkish government. It stars Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç. US Yapim as screens for TRT 1.

Kara Tahta Full Episodes in English

The Blackboard series is in its First season and do you know how many episodes will have. 


Kara Tahta Plot – Synopsis 

Atlas is a young man who goes back to the school where he studied, but now it will be like math teacher.

kara tahta turkish series in english
When Atlas was a student at that school he was mistreated by his peers, harassed and victim of bullying he still harbors resentment for that.
You will also have to meet again with Irmak, a young woman who was his love but they still have things pending from that sentimental past.
Atlas will have to close all pending accounts from those years of study.


Cast and Characters of Kara Tahta

Furkan Andıç – Atlas
Miray Daner – Irmak
Cengiz Bozkurt–Arif
Çiçek Dilligil–Sevgi
Mine Tüfekçioğlu–Ülfet
Onur Durmaz–Cafer
Selen Uçer – Münevver
Kerem Arslanoğlu–Bekir
Taylan Meydan – İskender
Nizam Namidar–Hikmet.


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