KARDESLERIM website Turkish serie in English. Full episodes with free subtitles. Plot, Synopsis, Trailer, Actors. MY BROTHERS

KARDESLERIM Turkish serie in English

Kardeslerim Turkish serie or My Brothers in English It is an NGM production for ATV in 2021. Same channel that broadcasts Marasli, Kurulus, etc.

kardeslerim turkish series

Kardeslerim Full Episodes in English

The serie is in its first season and has a very good response from the Turkish public and also from the international public, so it is expected to have a 2nd season. Follow the button below to see it online for free with English subtitles.

Plot – Synopsis of Kardeslerim, My Brothers

kardeslerim synopsis

This Turkish serie tells the story of four brothers: Kadir, Omar, Asiye and Emel. They lived quiet, a normal and happy life together with their mother Hatice and their father Veli.
They were a humble family but full of love. One day misfortune came to them and they were left without their parents, just the 4 siblings.

From that moment they become much more united and support each other in every moment of pain and weakness. They start a fight for life.
These circumstances bring them closer to Akif Atakul, an unscrupulous man responsible for the misfortune they live.
The struggle for life will make them mature and transform them into different people. Rich and poor will intersect, victims and victimizers.

Cast and Characters of Kardeslerim

Celil Nalcakan as Akif Atakul
Halit Özgür Sari as Kadir Eren
Cüneyt Mete as Orhan Eren
Ahu Yagtu as Suzan Manyasli
Fadik Sevin Atasoy as Sengül Eren
Simge Selçuk as Nebahat Atakul
Yigit Koçak as Ömer Eren
Aylin Akpinar as Emel Eren
Su Burcu Coskun as Asiye Eren
Cihan Simsek as Ogulcan Eren
Damla Su Ikizoglu as Melisa Atakul

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  1. This is one of the best season movies I’ve seen so far. I cried, I smiled and I was mad all in one scene. Love this series so much.

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