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KASABA DOKTORU Turkish Serie in English

KASABA DOKTORU Episodes in English

This Turkish serie is in its first season.


KASABA DOKTORU Plot – Synopsis

In ‘Kasaba Doktoru’, the talented and promising Ömer (Deniz Can Aktaş), who decided to become a doctor after losing his father, and the legendary surgeon Kemal (Ozan Akbaba), who dedicated himself to saving lives, will cross paths in a hospital. from the city away from the city.

In this village hospital, which brings together Kemal Hoca, Ömer and the idealistic doctor Leyla (Hazal Subaşı), the determined struggle of three doctors who do everything possible to help people will be revealed.

Cast and Characters

Ozan Akbabauzm. Dr. Hakan Aydıner/Kemal Demir

Deniz Can Aktaş. Dr. Ömer Özen

Hazal Subaşı. Dr Leyla Erpek

Vildan Atasever. Başhemşire Mine Yıldız

Sinan Albayrak. Başhekim Yalçın Aygün

Özgün Karaman. Dr. Berk Aygün


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