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Biography of Kerem Bursin Turkish actor

We tell you the true life of KEREM BURSIN. His Family, his ROMANCES and BRIDES, what he likes, all his novels and series, his secrets and more

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This handsome Turkish actor Kerem Bursin was born in Istanbul on June 4, 1987.
He is 1,85 tall. It is from the sign of Gemini.

Current protagonist of success Love is in the air it has won the hearts of Latin American women.

Family Life of Kerem Bürsin

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Lived in different countries and cities of the world besides Turkey, such as Edinburgh, Scotland; Medan, Indonesia; Jakarta, Indonesia; Ankara, Turkey; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Sugar Land, Texas; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Boston, Massachusetts; Los Angeles California, because of the father’s work activity.
At age 12 his family moved to the United States and they settled in this North American country where he completed high school in Texas and University in Massachusetts.

In high school I was already acting but devoted more to playing and composing music. At that time I earn a award for best actor in school.
Later, while studying marketing and communications in college, he also took acting classes.

Professional Activity of Kerem Bursin

Before playing characters in Turkish series, Kerem Bursin ventured into television in the United States as driver. As an actor he participated in a SyFy movie and other projects. He also did commercials like model.
He has worked on several series and novels, the most outstanding being Şeref Meselesi (Matter of Honor, Honor and Respect) with Sukru Ozyildiz and Muhtesem Ikili (Magnificent Pair) with Ibrahim Celikkol.

Kerem Bursin novels

In 2019 he participated in the comedy microseries Ayne ayne.

And his latest great success is the television series Sen Cal Kapimi (You knocked on my door) with Hande Erçel.
He acted in several films, in documentary films and theater. The handsome actor leaves no field unexperienced and developed; even as a producer of movies, music videos, and TV shows.

Love life of actor Kerem Bursin and his girlfriends

This handsome actor in 2015 had girlfriend to Serenay sarıkaya, year in which, they worked together as figures or models for the advertising of a prestigious brand in Turkey (Mavi Jeans). After this they were considered one of the strongest couples in the Turkish show business.

However, later there were rumors that the couple had separated because Kerem had proposed to Serenay and she had established the condition of separating the property, something that Kerem took as an offense. They both come from upper-class families but Serenay has made a lot of money from her novels.

But none of that was confirmed by the actors. The only thing he said about the breakup was that the distance had had a great influence, since the actress was working in Istanbul while he had to reside for a time in the United States for reasons of his career.

Kerem and his girlfriend
Kerem and Serenay

Currently, at the end of the first season of Sen Cal Kapimi, Kerem and his fictional partner Hande Ercel went on vacation together to the Maldives and could no longer hide their romantic relationship. They look great together and fans are loving this couple.

kerem and hande

Other likes or interests of Kerem Bursin

The handsome actor is attracted to sports, he has openly shown his taste for sports soccer, tennis and boxing. He exercises regularly, keeping himself in very good shape, as you can see through his Instagram, where he already has several million followers. He is very active on his social network.

Kerem feels empathy and affinity with dogs and has two as pets.
The actor has been active both in Turkey, where he is widely recognized and well-liked, and in Hollywood where he has continued to have some appearances.

Series and Novels by Kerem Bursin

2013-2014 While waiting for the sun
2014 Ulan İstanbul
2014-2015 Matter of honor
2017 In the heart of the city
2018 Those who do not live

2018-2019 Muhtesem Ikili (Magnificent Pair)
2019 Ayne, Ayne
2020 Sen Cal Kapimi

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