KIRMIZI ODA, Turkish serie in English

Kırmızı Oda, is a Turkish drama produced by OGM Pictures and is based on real life stories that happen in a psychiatric clinic. It is based on Gülseren’s book Budayıcıoğlu. Translated it means Red Room. In each episode there will be guest stars who will play the roles of the patients.

Full episodes in english of KIRMIZI ODA

The serie is in its first season and has been very successful among the public which makes one presume that it will have quite a few episodes.

Summary – Synopsis

Kirmizi Oda is based on the lives of doctors and patients in a psychiatric clinic. It shows the pain and suffering of patients with mental health problems.

The staff consists of four therapists of different ages and experiences. The personal lives of the doctors and staff will be mixed into the story.

The patients are received in the Red Room of the clinic and there they will start telling their most intimate secrets and open their souls by entrusting themselves to psychologists and psychiatrists, in search of hope and healing.

It shows the patients’ past, with the difficult moments they had to endure and that today mark them in their present and will affect their future.

These patients have not trusted anyone, not even their closest and dearest, and keeping these secrets makes them sick, but they fear the truth of their lives and feelings will be revealed.

The bond between physician and patient will be very important for trust and for the patient to walk the path to healing. So much so that sometimes this relationship transcends the professional and can lead to deeper emotional feelings.

They will also go through the liberation of their traumas and find joy and hope.

The director of the institution is Doktor Hanim. She has a kind, calm, anxious but subtle personality, stubborn with a touch of charm.

In the first chapter we will see the stories of:

Meliha, the first patient is taken by her daughter, after she caught her mother on the verge of attempting suicide by hanging herself. Meliha, reluctant, anxious and stubborn, is honest with Doktor Hanim about her darkest secrets to a point where she feels totally relieved and grateful. Meliha will fulfill her childhood dream after this session.

She will then see a couple, Nesrin and Mehmet. Nesrin is a victim of domestic violence and Mehmet is a victim of his dark childhood. Mehmet refuses and is hostile at first, but Doktor Hanim finds a way to reason with Mehmet, who agrees to start therapy and work on himself.

Finally, Salih, a worker from the neighborhood, after much hesitation shows up in Doktor Hanim’s session room. He had won the lottery, but could not bear the change this amount of money would bring to the life he knows and is used to.

The intimate situations at Kirmiza Oda contrast with the reality of the outside world experienced by the people at the clinic.

Cast and characters

Binnur Kaya – Doktor hanım

Tülin Özen – Doktor Piraye

Burak Sevinç – Doktor Deniz

Meriç Aral – Doktor Ayşe

Halit Özgür Sarı – Klinik Müdürü Murat.

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