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KULUP, Club Istanbul Turkish serie in English

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The Turkish serie KULUP, Club Istanbul or The Club is a production of Netflix and it will be seen in streaming. It is a history of time and of the dramatic sort. Starring Baris Arduc (I Rent My Love, Alp Arslan), Salih Badecim (Yalanci) and Gökçe Bahadır (Evlilik, Gonul).

Kulup, Club Istanbul full episodes in English

The serie has 8 episodes planned for its first season. Follow the link below to see it subtitled in English online for free.


Plot – Club Istanbul Synopsis

Club Istanbul actors cast

The story takes place in 1955 in Istanbul. Matilda has spent many years in jail, during which time her little daughter Rasel has been in an orphanage. When she is free, Matilde wants to resume her relationship with her daughter, who bears a lot of resentment against her.
Matilda to get quick money starts working in a fashionable nightclub in Istanbul and will interact with people from the nether worlds.

Club Istanbul chapters


Matilda tries to protect Rasel and keep her away from Fiskit Ismet, a mobster from the Pera neighborhood. He will also face Orhan, the nightclub manager Çelebi and the artist Selim. Matilda changes the atmosphere of the club creating a family atmosphere and kindness.
However, the secrets, mysteries and intrigues will put her in dangerous situations.

Cast and Characters

Kulup synopsis

Barış Arduç as Fiskit Ismet
Salih Bademci as Selim
Gökçe Bahadır as Matilda
Asude Kalebek as Rasel
Fırat Tanış
Metin Akdülger


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