SEN CAL KAPIMI, Love is in the air

SEN CAL KAPIMI, Love is in the air Turkish serie. Full episodes in English. Synopsis, Trailer, Cast, Curiosities and more >>

SEN CAL KAPIMI Turkish serie in english

sen cal kapimi

Sen Cal Kapimi or You Knocked on My Door is a romantic and funny Turkish comedy, designed as a summer novel. In English they call it Love is in the air. It is produced by MF Yapim and stars Hande Erçel and Kerem Bursin.

Full Episodes in English of SEN CAL KAPIMI

The serie is designed for one season and has been signed for 25 chapters. Follow the link below to see it subtitled in english for free.

Plot – Synopsis of Love is in the air

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Serkan is a businessman, architect and astronomer, serious, cold, insensitive, very demanding with himself and his employees. He lives for his work and has had a suitable girlfriend accepted by his family for years. Selin, his girlfriend, gets tired of his coldness and waiting for him, so she leaves him, and immediately commits herself to a quiet man, who loves her and wants to marry her soon.

On the other hand, Eda is an orphan girl, who works in a flower shop with her aunt and has a scholarship to study landscaping. She is happy until her scholarship is cancelled by the company that was giving it to her, Serkan’s company.

Eda learns that Serkan is going to the university where she was studying to give a lecture, and without hesitation she appears in the room and reproaches him before the whole audience for taking away the scholarships. Serkan is surprised and denies that it is true. He then consults and finds out that it was his accountant who did it, in order to reduce expenses.

From that moment on, funny situations and coincidences of chance will bring them together.
At his ex-girlfriend Selin’s engagement, the businessman will introduce Eda as his girlfriend to make her jealous. Serkan will continue with the farce of the engagement hoping to separate Selin from her fiancé before the wedding date and in exchange for the favor he will return Eda’s scholarship.


TRAILER english subtitles


The airing of the first chapter was very conflictive, since it was barely finished due to the resignation of the director of the comedy. Several days passed until they found a new director.
Hande Ercel is a well-known comedy actress who is very much loved by Turkish audiences (she also acted in Love Without Words).

love is in air

While Kerem Bursin is one of the most beautiful Turkish actors and an excellent comedian (you can see him in Muhtesem Ikili and in Question of Honor).
Both Hande (ex-girlfriend of Toyga Saritas) and Kerem (ex-boyfriend of Serenay Sarikaya) are single and unattached. Perhaps love will be made concrete beyond the screen!

Cast and Characters

Hande Erçel as Eda Yildiz
Kerem Bürsin as Serkan Bolat
Bige Önal as Selin Atakan
Ismail Ege Sasmaz as Kaan Karadag
Evrim Dogan as Ayfer Yildiz
Anil Ilter as Engin Sezgin

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