MAHKUM, The Prisoner

MAHKUM Turkish serie in English. Full episodes with free subtitles. THE PRISONER, Plot, Synopsis, Trailer, Actors >>


MAHKUM Turkish serie in English

Mahkum Turkish series in English

The turkish serie MAHKUM or Prisoner is a production of MF Yappim that is emitted by channel Fox Turkey. It belongs to the genre of action and intrigue very fashionable and very successful among the Turkish audience. Starring actor Onur Tuna who we know from Mucize Dr. and Yasak Elma.

Full episodes of Mahkum in English

This serie is in its First season broadcast. Follow the links below to see it subtitled in English for free online.


Plot – Synopsis of Mahkum, Prisoner

mahkum chapters in english

The plot begins with a lot of intrigue since its first episode, when Firat Bulut wakes up in a prison and without remembering anything that has led him to that place. Firat was happily married and had a little daughter, he was a highly respected prosecutor in court from Istanbul.
By asking, you learn that there was a murder and they blame him for doing it. Firat knows that he is not a criminal but he has to prove it.

The last case he had investigated involved one of the heirs of the Yesari family, Baris who has a twin brother Savas. This family is very powerful and is involved in illegal business. Baris dies and Savas takes his place.
Firat will have to investigate to disarm the plot devised against him, discover the murderer and bring justice. While he will have to find someone who believes and trusts him.


Cast and Characters of Prisoner

Onur Tuna
İsmail Hacıoğlu
Seray Kaya
Melike İpek Yalova


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