MERCY, Turkish Serie in English

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Merhamet – Mercy Turkish serie in English


This serie Mercy in English, Merhamet in turkish or Mercy in English, it is of a dramatic genre and was originally broadcast by Kanal D and its production was in charge of Most Production. The protagonists of this Turkish series were Özgü Namal and İbrahim Çelikkol who gave life to the characters of Narin and Firat, respectively.

Episodes of Merhamet in English

It was made up of two seasons, premiering in February 2013 and concluding in March of the following year (2014). Being transmitted a total of 44 episodes.

Plot – Synopsis of Merhamet or Mercy

mercy turkish novel

The serie takes place between the past and the present. Well, Narin is a successful lawyer who lived a childhood marked by mistreatment and physical and psychological abuse from her father, growing up in a completely dysfunctional home in extreme poverty. However, her intense desire to study and get ahead allowed her to overcome a large number of obstacles that little by little will be narrated in the series as memories.

In his college years, Narin meets a noble girl; Deniz, who gives him shelter and help so he can continue studying until he graduates. They become the best of friends and as adults they keep in touch, but Irmak, the sister of this woman who loves her as if they were also united by blood, will arrive in Istanbul to settle down, with the news that she is happily in love with her. What Irmak does not suspect is that her boyfriend Firat is the first love of Narin’s early youth..

merhamet synopsis turkish novel in english

Once both recognize each other and remember part of their past, love will be reborn between them, having to fight against a series of ghosts that still continue to torment Niram for all the traumatic life in the midst of poverty, which he led with his battered mother, her abusive father and her two brothers.

Curiosities or data of interest of the leading actors

As to İbrahim Çelikkol, is one of the most beloved actors in Turkey and has remained quite active on the small screen and in the movies, currently continues to increase his popularity with his performance in the series Doğduğun Ev Kaderindirwhich began in December 2019. It is happily married since 2017 with an architect and both share a passion for travel and sports, as well as love for their son Ali, born only on December 5, 2019 in the midst of numerous professional commitments for the artist.

merhamet leading actors

The beautiful Özgü Namal, in addition to being an actress, has a wonderful voice and has been shown on stage with passionate performances such as the one he gave at the gala in honor of the centenary of Turkish cinema, four years ago. She was married to fellow actor Oktay Kaynarca for six years until her divorce in 2008. But, since 2014, she formalized her relationship with Ahmet Serdar, with whom has two children; the oldest of 5 years called Nefes and the youngest who was named Elem Su.

Cast and Characters

Merhamet cast

Özgü Namal as Narin Yilmaz
İbrahim Çelikkol as Fırat Kazan
Burçin Terzioğlu as Deniz
Mustafa Üstündağ as Sermet Karayel
Yasemin Allen as Irmak
Ahmet Rifat Şungar as Atif

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