MISAFIR, The Guest

MISAFIR Turkish serie in English. Full episodes with free subtitles. THE GUEST, Plot, Synopsis, Trailer, Actors >>


MISAFIR, The Guest Turkish serie in English

Misafir chapters in English

The Turkish serie Misafir, The Guest is a Medyapim production that comes out on Fox Turkey screens. It is an adaptation of the Oasis series, which was successful in Japan. starring successful actresses Hazal Kaya (Feriha, Our Story), Buğra Gürsoy (Kizim) and Ozan Dolunay (High Society).

MISAFIR, The Guest Full episodes in English

It is in its first season. Follow the link below to watch it online with English subtitles.


Plot – Synopsis of Misafir, The Guest

misafir Turkish novel in English

Gece is a girl who has experienced very traumatic situations of violence in her life. To escape his past, he pretends that he lost his memory and thus hopes to create a better future for himself.

Erdem has just been widowed and has three children. He finds a lost Gece and takes her home as a guest until she gets better and her memory is restored.

Misafir The Guest synopsis
Gece is scared and distrusts everyone, she will have to go a way until she can open her heart and believe in Erdem.


Although the title of Imkansiz (Impossible) was initially announced for this new production, the name has finally been changed to Misafir (The Guest).


Cast and Characters of Misafir

Hazal Kaya as Gece
Buğra Gülsoy as Erdem
Ozan dolunay
Bulent Şakrak
Selen Öztürk
Nezaket erden

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