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Doctor Miracle Turkish serie in English

Mucize Doctor or Doctor Miracle is a series produced by MF Yapim. It is the Turkish version of the American series The Good Doctor. Although it should be noted that the latter, in turn, is based on the South Korean series of the same name, broadcast in 2013. It is broadcast in Argentina by Telefe.



Doctor Miracle premiered in Turkey through the FOX channel, on September 12, 2019. Being the main character of the series, Doctor Ali Vefa, played by Taner Olmez.

Doctor Miracle episodes in English

The series had two seasons and a total of 64 chapters.


Plot – Synopsis of Doctor Miracle

In the plot of this Turkish novel Ali Vefa is a young man diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder plus high-functioning Savan syndrome. Therefore, even when he is intellectually gifted, his relationship with the environment and his peers does not develop, as a common individual usually does, since their social skills are limited.

Mucize Doctor Turkish Novel

Since childhood, his schoolmates and even his father rejected him, thanks to the support of his mother and especially his brother, he got ahead.

When Ali is little, his brother dies in a tragic accident and he is taken to an orphanage. In that situation he will fall under the protection of a country doctor.

So, Ali not only completed his primary and secondary studies, but also, encouraged by the example of the Doctor of the small province where he grew up, completed his university studies in Medicine. Finally, being recommended by that same man and a couple more events occurring, he is admitted as Assistant Surgical Physician at Istanbul Berhayat Hospital.


Once here, Ali must once again face exclusion and disbelief in his abilities from his immediate supervisor Dr. Ferman and some other colleagues. But nevertheless, each medical case is for Ali, an opportunity not only to learn more and gain experience, but also, it will be the way in which those around him in his work environment will understand that they also have a lot to learn from him on a professional and personal level.

Ali establishes a special friendship with Dr. Nasli, a beautiful young woman who is in love with Chief Surgeon Dr. Ferman. The protagonist will stand out with the diagnoses of him, saving many lives.Ali Vefa and Nasli

The life of Ali and of all those who work in the Hospital is mixed with the life and suffering of the patients.

Curiosities of the protagonist of the serie

Taner Olmez is a student at Istanbul State University, in the Department of Theater. She became known in 2016 in the novel Medzezir and nowadays, it is quite popular, counting with more than 1.7 million followers on his Instagram.

It should be noted that the role that Taner plays as Doctor Ali, a young man with autism and wise man syndrome, constitutes a great challenge for any actor.

Taner Olmez Mucize Doctor

Due to being these real disorders, which are identified with certain behavioral characteristics, such as; attachment to a particular object, repetitive hand movements, lack of attention to certain elements of the environment, abstraction and limitations to socialize, details that the actor replicates and They give the character a touch of impressive realism.

Before the end of the first season, given its success, it was sold to several countries, including Spain.

Cast and Characters of Doctor Miracle

Mucize Doctor cast and characters

Taner Ölmez as Doctor Ali Vefa
Onur Tuna as Doctor Ferman
Sinem Ünsal as Doktor Nazlı
Reha Özcan as Doctor Adil
Murat Aygen as Doctor Tanju
Hazal Türesan as Beliz
Özge Özder as Kıvılcım
Bihter Dinçel as Selvi
Fırat Altunmeşe as Doktor Demir
Hayal Köseoğlu as Açelya
Korhan Enduran as Güneş
Merve Bulut as Gülin
Adin Külçe as Doktor Ali Vefa as a child


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