RAMO, Turkish serie in English

The Turkish drama Ramo was released in early 2020. It generated great expectation since it stars Turkish actor Murat Yildirim, a favorite of the public.

Full Episodes in English of RAMO

The drama is in its first season and given its good repercussions it is expected that a second season will come out. Follow the link below to see it online with English subtitles free.

Plot – Synopsis of Ramo

There is a family with its own laws in the neighborhood of Taşkapı, which is a poor, familiar and picturesque neighborhood in Adana, southern Turkey.

The name is the gang Pompacılar and its leader Cengiz. Ramo is the brave leader of the neighborhood who works for that family, trafficking diesel for Cengiz.

Ramo and his people do all the dirty work and only get enough money to feed themselves, but Cengiz makes most of the money. Ramo cannot absorb his family’s expenses and decides to put an end to this situation.

The young man intends to rebel against the family they work for. But the family council does not allow this. Ramo takes action in spite of his family and lights the first fuse of the fire of the rebellion against Cengiz and the war begins.

Despite all the setbacks, Ramo advances step by step toward his destiny, while a mistake made by his closest friend, Boz, turns his plans upside down. Because of his friend’s mistake, he will face the most difficult decision of his life.

Sibel is our hero’s girlfriend and Cengiz will take revenge on her.

Curiosities of the drama

This novel aroused a lot of interest because it is the return of the actor Murat Yildirim to novels after having worked for 3 years as the host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire on Turkish TV.

Before the broadcast of the premiere, the director’s resignation came as a surprise and he had to be replaced. The new director and the production decided to make changes in the focus of the series and this forced the re-recording of the first chapter. This led to the delay of the premiere for a month and a complicated start.

Cast and characters

Murat Yıldırım (Branch)
Esra Bilgiç (Sibel)
Görkem Sevindik (Boz)
İlker Aksum (Hasan)
Yiğit Özşener (Yavuz)
İdil Fırat (Fidan)
Rüzgar Aksoy (Halef)
Cemre Baysel (Fatoş)
Hakan Salınmış (Süleyman)

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