Serkan Cayoglu

Biography of Serkan Cayoglu Turkish actor

Serkan Cayoglu Turkish actor

Serkan cayoglu was born on May 31, 1987, in Berlin, Germany.
He is 1.88 tall and his weight is 84 kg.
It is from the sign of Gemini.
Before dedicating himself to acting, he graduated in economics studies.


The handsome gallant has turkish roots, since his father was born in that country and then emigrated to Germany where his children were born. Has a twin brother as handsome as he is, although they are not identical. His brother, named Erkan, is 6 minutes apart and they are quite close.

Professional activity

Serkan started out as a model and then moved on to acting.

His first TV appearance was in the novel Kuzey guney in 2012 and from there he did not stop working. The series that launched him to fame was Loving is Spring (Kiraz Mevsimi) which was also his first leading role in 2014. For his work in this novel he won 3 awards for Best New Actor 2015 and Best Actor in Novels 2016. Since then he has only played leading roles.Serkan Turkish actor

Love life of Serkan Cayoglu and his girlfriend

The handsome actor Serkan Cayoglu met the beautiful actress Ozge gurel in 2014 when she starred in her first Turkish series entitled Amar es Primavera. During the recordings, the couple managed to connect so well that the chemistry crossed the boundaries of fiction and established itself between the two in a real way. Initially they did not admit it publicly.

Serkan Cayoglu and Ozge Gurel

Since then Ozge is his girlfriend, they began a relationship that is currently quite stable since 2017, even, their fans have speculated about a possible commitment, which would be bringing them closer to taking the next step; marriage. But the couple appears to be currently happy as they are. On their official Instagram accounts, Serkan and Ozge They show pictures of their trips together and some romantic moments in their relationship.

Likes, hobbies and other interests

This Turkish actor is an economist but has remained active as a model and actor. He is also a sports lover, mainly soccer.
Although he has not married, he currently lives most of the time with his girlfriend Ozge Gurel and they both love animals. They have several cats and a dog, pets for which they show great tenderness and affection.

Serkan Cayoglu and his cat

This handsome is also a polyglot, speaks German, Turkish, English, French and Italian, which is quite useful for another of his great hobbies; to travel. Activity that you constantly do with your partner.

Serkan has commented in interviews that he is not passionate about parties but rather it’s homey and who enjoys cooking, feeling a special interest in indian food.

Novels and Series

2012 Kuzey Güney *
2014 Zeytin Tepesi
2014-2015 Kiraz Mevsimi *
2016 Hayatımın Aşkı
2018 Börü
2019 Halka
2020– Yeni Hayat

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