SINAN TUZCU Turkish actor

Biography of Sinan Tuzcu (Turkish actor)

Sinan Tuzcu Turkish actor

Sinan tuzcu was born in Gaziantep, Turkey, on July 10, 1977.

It is from the sign of Cancer.


This handsome mature actor is 1.84 m tall and weighs about 85 kg.

She has brown hair but it is worth noting that her seductive gray hair stands out for the most part. And a deep look, full of experience is what shows in his green eyes.

In his youth his steps were initially oriented to study tourism and hotel management at the University of Bilkent.

Later, Sinan studied theater at the State Conservatory of the University of Mimar Sinan and by 2003 he began to act professionally in the Bilkent studio. Although it is worth noting that before the actor, he had been working but part-time, in the state theater of Ankara.

Professional Activity in Film and TV

Sinan has a long history with more than 20 productions since 2003 between cinema and TV shows.

He began to transcend from 2009 with his performance in the novel Love and punishment (Murat Yildirim) and has become really popular in 2018 with the success of Black Sea (Sen Anlat Karadeniz, Tell me about the Black Sea).sinan tuzcu black sea

Sentimental life, girlfriends and wives of Sinan Tuzcu

Regarding the life of a couple, Sinan He was married to actress Dolunay Soysert, with whom he married in 2006. But currently, the handsome actor is divorced, as he ended his marital union after ten years returning to singleness.

Sinan and Dolunay
Sinan and Dolunay

Although not for much or for all, and it is that soon after he saw it with the actress Bilge Elif Özköse and in December of the same year as his divorce, the actor began a relationship with who he is today his current romantic partner, actress Selen Ozturk.

And it is that, Sinan and Selen Ozturk They have been dating for three years now, but have not decided to start a family together. That is, they have not had children to whom they inherit the beautiful green eyes that they both have in common.

More of his life

Sinan and his wife Selen get along very well with animals, mainly dogs, since they have a pet named Yaver, which they photograph both alone and in their company.

Sinan and Yaver

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