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TOZLUYAKA Turkish Serie in English

TOZLUYAKA Episodes in English

This Turkish serie is in its first season.

TOZLUYAKA Plot – Synopsis

The events of the Turkish serie “Tozlu Yaka” will unfold around a group of young people studying at the university. As you know, the life of the younger generation is full of various adventures, everyone builds plans for their future, they have dreams and goals for which they strive very hard.

As soon as they graduate they think an amazing and colorful life awaits them outside the gates of the university, but they are faced with reality. And for this reason, the young people will have to face numerous obstacles on their way, and they will also have to overcome the tests that fate itself has prepared for them.

Not only difficult final exams await them, but other problems as well. They will face such qualities as betrayal, intrigue, meanness, but among all this there will definitely be a place for loyalty. They will have to reveal many secrets, and all of them will be connected by a very strong friendship, without leaving aside the logical feelings of love of the age.

Cast and Characters

Kaan Mirac Sezen

Ecem Çalhan

Özgür Foster

Ahmet Haktan Zavlak

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