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TUZAK, The Trap

tuzak, turkish series trap in english

The Turkish series TuzakLa Trampa has been seen on the TV8 screen since October 2022. It belongs to the drama and intrigue genre. The protagonists are Akın Akınözü (Hercai), Bensu Soral (Icerde), Talat Bulut (Yasak Elma), Rıza Kocaoğlu (Ezel, Icerde, Cukur) undoubtedly an outstanding cast well known to the public.

TUZAK Full Episodes in English

The series is in the First season. Follow the link that we leave below so you can watch it online subtitled in English for free.

TUZAK, THE TRAP Plot – Synopsis

Umut, Mahir and Umay are three brothers They had a tough childhood. They were victims of dispossession and many intrigues. Umut poses as a prominent lawyer and has prepared a revenge plan for many years against the powerful family that wronged them.
Umut infiltrates high places to reach his enemies. In that world nothing is so real or true and it does not know who is good and who is bad. The three brothers will be put to the test in their union and their loyalty.
Umut will cross paths with Gunes, the daughter of his enemy. A strong and intelligent girl who will trust him without knowing his true intentions and who can upset all of Umut’s plans.

Trap Cast and Characters

Talat Bulut (Aslan)
Akın Akınözü (Umut/Cinar)
Bensu Soral (Gunes)
Rıza Kocaoğlu (Güven)
Onur Durmaz (Ali)
İlayda Cevik (Moon)
Yağız Can Konyalı (Mete)

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