UC KIZ KARDES, Three Sisters

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UC KIZ KARDES Turkish serie in English

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The Turkish serie UC KIZ KARDES, in English THREE SISTERS is broadcast by Kanal D. It is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Iclal Aydin, which was a best seller in Turkey. Starring Almila Ada (Guvercin), Özgü Kaya (Kimse Bilmez) and Melisa Berberoglu (Yeşilçam) and alongside them will be Berker Güven (Zalim İstanbul and Alev, Alev).
The serie is recorded on the beautiful beaches of Ayvalik.

UC KIZ KARDES Full Episodes in English

The serie is in its first season.


Plot – Synopsis of Three Sisters

This Turkish serie tells the story of three sisters: Turkan, Donus and Derya. It is a family plot and brotherly ties.
The girls go from youth to adulthood, facing the problems and situations that make them grow. They live with their parents Sadik and Nesrin.


One day the shadows of the past will fall on the family and the lives of the girls will turn upside down.
Türkan tries to hide his unhappiness, Donus’s life is turned upside down by a great secret from the past, and Derya takes a step down a path of no return. Sadık and Nesrin will try to help them and in the attempt they will have hits and misses.

Derya is the most independent, outspoken and rebellious daughter. Derya loves animals and dreams of being an architect. Because of her emotional and impetuous character, she is wrong. She knows Hakan that he is irresponsible and will mislead her. way.

She is the middle child, she wanted to study literature, but health and economic reasons prevented it. She stayed home with her parents when her older sister got married and her younger sister went to college. She is in love with Serdar but this courtship does not have the approval of her father.


She is the one who stands out for her beauty and her life seems like a fairy tale. From her She is the protégé of her mother, who has decided everything for her. She did not choose her husband or the sad married life she leads with him. No one knows how long she will be willing to accept her fate.


Cast and Characters of Three Sisters

İclal Aydın–Nesrin
Reha Özcan – Sadık
Özgü Kaya–Türkan
Almila Ada – Dönüş
Melisa Berberoğlu – Derya
Berker Güven–Somer
Veda Yurtsever–Rüçhan
Tayfun Erarslan – Özer
Benian Dönmez – Nezahat
Nazlı Senem Ünal – Mine
Demircan Kaçel – Mesut
Vural Şahanoğlu–Serdar


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