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Viola Come il Mare in English

viola como il mare

Viola como il Mare is an Italian serie of Canal 5 Mediaset starring the Turkish actor Can Yaman (Dolunay, Bay Yanlis).
This is the first work of the international character actor, in Italian, which he dominates since he studied at the Italian Lyceum in Istanbul.
This serie is of a mixed genre, intrigue and thriller, but without neglecting romanticism.

Viola como il Mare Episodes in English

The serie is in its first season. 


Plot – Synopsis of Viola as il Mare

Viola Vitale is the former Miss Italy, she is a beautiful and attractive woman who lives in Paris and has always worked in the fashion communication sector. One day she decides to change her life and she moves to Palermo, Sicily to look for her father whom she has never met.
Viola finds a job in the newsroom of a newspaper as a police journalist. The young woman is involved in a murder, whose culprit is Zefir, a famous singer.
During the first investigation he meets chief inspector Francesco Demir; the two begin a relationship made of collaboration in investigations and confrontations, but also of an obvious attraction.


Viola suffers from a neural disorder that turns into a great ability to bring secrets to light and transcend appearances. This condition called synesthesia, attributes a sensation to a sense that does not correspond to it and she is able to hear colors, see sounds or appreciate textures when she tastes something. It is a combination of the 5 senses. In her case in particular, Viola associates colors with emotions.
However, behind the synesthesia there is also a secret that has to do with the real reason for his return to the Italian city.

Cast and Characters of Viola as il Mare

Francesca Chillemi as Viola Vitale
Can Yaman as Francesco Demir
Simona Cavallari as Claudia
Mario Scerbo as Alex
Chiara Tron as Tamara
Ruben La Malfa as Carmelo
Giovanni Nasta as Turi

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