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Yalanci, “Liar” Turkish serie in English

Yalancia, Liar chapters Turkish series

Yalanci is a Turkish drama genre serie produced by Durus Film that is broadcast on the Show TV channel. It is the Turkish version of the Liar serie. Starring Burçin Terzioğlu and Salih Bademci whom we already know from their work in various Turkish series.

Yalanci Full episodes in English

The series is starting in its first season. Follow the button that we leave below to see the subtitled episodes in English online for free.

Plot – Liar Synopsis

Deniz is a literature teacher and has been alone for quite some time in her life. He meets Mehmet Emir who is the father of one of his students. Mehmet is a prestigious surgeon. He too has been alone for a long time and meeting Deniz produces a romantic attraction between them.

yalanci chapters
Mehmet invites Deniz to dinner to start a romance. However, that night will be unexpected and catastrophic, the incidents that will occur will change the destiny of both.

liar synopsis
Deniz will try to bring Mehmet Emir to justice, whom she considers to have abused her, while he pleads not guilty.
The police investigation will remove the lives of them and their families.

Cast and Characters

Burcin Terzioglu as Deniz
Salih Bademci as Mehmet Emir
Hazal Türesan as Jasmine
Cemal Toktas as Murat
Sahin Irmak as Demir
İmer Özgün as Canan

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