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YALNIZ KURT Turkish serie in English

Yalniz Kurt Turkish series in English

The Turkish serie YALNIZ KURT in English Lonely wolf It is broadcast on Turkey’s ATV channel from February 2022. This serie mixes romance, politics, suspense and drama. The protagonists are Hasan Denizyaran and Damla Colbay whom we saw in Icerde.

Yalniz Kurt Full Episodes in English

The serie is in its first season.

Plot – Synopsis of Yalniz Kurt, Lone Wolf

Altay makes a living fighting for money, which are carried out in cages. He uses the name “Kurdoğlu” (son of wolf). His mother and father were Turkish intelligence agents and were killed on a mission. It was left in charge of Commander Davut, who dedicated himself to raising the orphaned children of agents. Davut Bahadir, a loner who lives in a cabin in the woods, will take Altay into his past and the history of Turkey in the 1950s to which he is directly linked.

Dogan is the owner of the club where the illegal betting fights take place. Dogan has Esra as a lover under threat. One night Esra decides to run away and asks Altay for help.. Dogan begins to chase the couple.

Meanwhile Altay, Davut and their friends they will fight an international organization and seek revenge.

The serie will go from the past to the present, recounting the reality of the country, since the arrival of the Americans in Turkey, along with the coups, betrayals, terrorism and struggles for freedom.

Cast and Characters

Hasan Denizyaran as Altay Kurtoğlu (Yiğit Yıldırım)
Cihan Ünal as Davut Bahadır (Kumandan)
Damla Colbay as Esra / Sare Türkmen
Murat Han as Doğan Sakınmaz
Kürşat Alnıaçık as Tekin Giritli (Viking)
Polat Bilgin as Nizamettin Köz
Hilmi Özçelik as Ahmet
Göktan Oktay Göztepe as Akif

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