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YUREK CIKMAZI, Broken Heart Turkish serie in English


The Turkish serie YUREK CIKMAZI is produced by the official channel of Turkey, TRT1. It belongs to the dramatic genre and family drama. It stars Alp Navruz Ada Masali, Zumruduanka, Elimi Birakma and İrem Helvacıoğlu Fugitiva, Bas Belasi.

YUREK CIKMAZI Episodes in English

The serie is in the first season. Follow the link below to watch it online subtitled in English for free.


Broken Heart Plot – Synopsis

This Turkish serie is about gender violence and the submission of women in Turkish society.
It is the story of Cennet and his children. The novel begins by showing the end of the story, that is, Cennet’s death at the hands of her husband Yilmaz. This alcoholic, violent and abusive man made the life of Cennet and her children hell.
But the woman who had never said anything about her torture, writes a letter before dying telling all her hardships and her husband’s violence, sends this letter to the lawyer Zeynep.

Zeynep is an idealistic and successful lawyer.
Halil the eldest son, is the first and only person to rebel against his father Yılmaz. Halil leaves the house because of the mistreatment he receives, before this misfortune happened and he had never returned. When his mother died and together with the lawyer he started a campaign to do justice.


Cast and Characters

Alp Navruz as Halil
Ayça Bingöl as Cennet Tekin
İrem Helvacıoğlu as Zeynep
Dilara Aksüyek as Feride


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